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Engineering Value Chain – An Important Dimension for ESOs
This paper discusses versions of a generic product development value chain, key characteristics of each version and provides guidance to strategists (to prioritise investments) and operation leaders (to build portfolio of offerings).


Outsourcing Manufacturing Engineering Services - A Case study in Process Planning
Oil & Gas industry is governed by strict requirements for manufacturing and quality assurance. As a result, manufacturers place a great deal of emphasis on creating proper process planning documentation. Master Router (as known in the Oil & Gas Industry) is one such Process Plan Document required to be generated irrespective of the work load at production, quantity required or schedule constraints. This white paper deals with the challenges involved in generation of Master Routers for the Oil and Gas equipment manufacturing sector.

- Basavaraj Dhanavade, QuEST Global


Desalination: Taking Ocean Water to Taps
Having a reliable source of fresh water for the future is of high priority. The need of reliable source of fresh water prompts for a technology that extracts fresh water by removing saline (salt) from bodies of salt water. Desalination is being increasingly realized as the answer to the water crisis of the 21st century.

With this whitepaper, QuEST Global aims to provide clear insights on the desalination technology trends, market, energy consumption, benefits and challenges of the desalination process.


Innovation in Engineering Services Outsourcing: the Need, Challenges and Way Forward
This paper gives an overview of the need for innovation in Engineering Service Outsourcing (ESO) companies, the challenges faced and the way forward. A comparison of engineering services with the IT/BPO industry helps us draw parallels between drivers of these industries. Implementation of change in an organization (to adapt to the evolving needs of the market) is a difficult task. The success of the productivity initiative in QuEST is used as an example to demonstrate the steps to be followed to implement such changes.


Studies on Impact of Inlet Viscosity Ratio, Decay Rate & Length Scales in a Cooled Turbine Stage
During the design of aero engine components that encounter flows at different pressures, temperatures and turbulent conditions, there is always an interest towards fundamental understanding of the impact of inlet turbulence on overall performance. This paper presents aerodynamic performance impact of certain parameters based on CFD.
Karthik Srinivasan (QuEST Global, Bangalore, India) & David Newman (Rolls-Royce plc, Derby, UK)

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